Triggering workflows in other repos after running

At the moment we use Jenkins, but considering migrating to GitHub actions. Currently we have jobs for each of our sdk modules. Within Jenkins we have downstream jobs configured to trigger after an upstream job has run, for example after our foundation library builds, we want all modules which use this to rebuild.

We understand this may be possible by using workflow_dispatch, but that means some lower level library workflow would need to hardcode and trigger all the repos that depend on it. It’s possible, but would rather have the consumer flows “subscribe” and say when this thing I’m watching builds, invoke myself. That way, anyone who adds a codebase that depends on this lower level module can also set this pipeline triggering up.

Is this something that’s supported out of the box? If not, is it something that’s coming soon?

Any ideas how this can be done at the moment? Have workflows on a schedule and poll? Implement a webhook?

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:wave: Hey @sd185233,

This is not something we support out of the box. If you don’t want the lower level library workflows to send workflow_dispatch commands, then I’d recommend using a schedule workflow that polls for updates in each of those dependent repositories.

You could set up a GitHub app to listen to events on all of your dependency repositories and then trigger the corresponding workflow_dispatch commands to each of the dependent repositories, but you’d need to set that up outside of Actions.