Triggering actions from other repository

I would like to trigger an action in my repository whenever a particular project I depend on creates a new release. The triggered action could then upgrade the dependency and submit a pull request including the upgrade. It seems like all the syntax beneath the on heading refers to the repository in which the action defined. Can I reference another repository for triggering actions?

My use case is that I have a significant dependency on a third-party github repo, and I would like to kick off CI tests as soon as that repo creates a new release. At the moment, I have to just keep an eye on the project blog, and manually upgrade every time there is a release.

For instance, if I have a dependency on Kubernetes, I might want to use Github actions to upgrade my kubernetes API server and nodes every time a new release occurs. This seems like it should be a common use case for Actions, but I can’t find any reference for how to trigger the action…

There isn’t any “change in another repository” trigger. Theoretically that repository could send triggers, but I assume it’s an unrelated one, so that’s probably not feasible.

What you could do is set up a scheduled workflow (e.g. weekly) that checks for updates and creates the PR you want if it finds any, similar to what Dependabot does.

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