Trigger push event from git push in Actions


I have a Actions Workflow that pushes merge commit like this: ytdl-patched/merge.yml at 423e9b55306d1bee569e13df719255e7cb8f4b94 · nao20010128nao/ytdl-patched · GitHub

I know that PAT provided by Actions do not trigger another Workflows, so I use an another PAT called GH_PAT.
But it does not trigger another Workflow in these days, like this one: Merge branch 'master' of · nao20010128nao/ytdl-patched@3a8160f · GitHub

I wish “git push from Actions” to trigger push event for Actions. What should I do?


Pushes with a PAT should trigger other workflows. Do you have an example of a specific workflow run where this isn’t happening?

I’m wondering if this is to do with the actions/checkout step persisting git credentials meaning you’re pushing back to GitHub using the built-in token rather than your PAT. You may need to set persist-credentials: false for this step, or set the checkout token to your PAT.