Trigger check run manually

Hello there,

Is there a possibility of triggering a check run manually instead of Github triggering it automatically?

How do I turn off automatic check run trigger during push or any event ?


Glad to hear you in Github Community Forum!

Currently it is not supported to trigger a check run manually, it has been logged as a feature request in Github, please refer to the ticket for more details.

It’s not supported to turn off the check run trigger, but as a workaround,  add more filters/events for the trigger, preventing the checkrun to be triggered is an alternative.

@weide-zhou thank you for your reply. Just wanted to check if its possible to update a check run which is initiated automatically when a code is pushed ? because I get invalid app id error.

But if I create a check run through the code, I am able to update it. 

Any thoughts ?


Hi @johnsonsamuel ,

Thanks for your feedback!

I notice you have already mentioned this in another ticket, it’s recommended to contact private support at then we will take a deeper look at your configuration and exactly what parameters you’re passing to the API calls.

@weide-zhou I did send an email a week back and I havent heard from anyone :frowning:

Hi @johnsonsamuel , I have added comment on your issue ticket, thanks.