Triage Users cannot assign Issues to Organization Projects

We are using an Organization project.
Repos are linked to the projects.
Members all have Triage rights to all repos via a Team.
That same Team has write access to the Project.

Users who have Triage rights, cannot assign issues to Projects which feels like triage to me.

Is this part of another permission or am I missing something completely?

This is a known inconsistency I’m afraid. I’m adding your post to the internal tracking issue.

We recognise that the triage role is especially important to open source projects and so we are definitely interested in tailoring triage permissions in a way that makes real world sense.

I don’t have an ETA on this but I’ll do my best to update you when there is more to report.

Thanks @canuckjacq for the update. Can you tell me which Role I should use to allow members to assign an issue to a project?

If you want them to be able to assign to a project in the issue sidebar, they would need repository write permissions.

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