Triage aren't considered "Collaborators"?

I’m a Triage member on a repository. Write and above can lock conversations to collaborators. But this doesn’t include Triage.

Here is an example.

Does this mean that it’s locked to people who can write to the repository, or are Triage not considered “Collaborators” in this context?
This also applies to approving PRs. They aren’t given the green check people with write and up are given if they approve PRs. I suppose they don’t need it.

Triage seems limited in what they can do. Arguably, they should have full control over the issue section. They should not be allowed to touch code or merge PRs, but they should still be able to take the load off of moderation if, for example, a comment needs to be edited or deleted. As of now, Triage can’t do this, only Write and up.

This isn’t designed to be a fight for “Triage perms when.” I am Triage on a lot of repositories, and having more access to help manage issues and the community a bit would be a lot more beneficial than just being able to assign existing labels and closing invalid issues. Developers should only have to worry about fixing issues, not fixing the community :slight_smile:

I would love to hear more input on this.


From what I can discern anyone who is part of the organization is a collaborator. Though I’m not so sure how this looks like at GitHub’s POV, triage members should be able to still comment regardless. If this is a organization account, please check with the permissions set by the organization admin.