Trending Repositories

I want to see the trending repositories of Python this month but it seems not possible.



You can get what you’re looking for by navigating directly to this URL:

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I was having the same issue, however after I starred “this month” it has resolved.

Users should access there with simple clicks rather than navigate to URL.

Hi @mucanyu,

You actually can! To get to, you just click “Explore” in the top nav bar, then scroll down to Trending  and select “See more trending repositories”:

Then, you can select “Python” in the right sidebar and change the sort to “this month”:

Thanks for reply @nadiajoyce but did you check result after your last step? Your solution is not working. Language selection goes back to “All languages”.

@mucanyu Right you are! Sorry I missed that. I’ll report this to the appropriate team, as I don’t think that’s expected behavior. Thanks!

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