Tremaine website

Hello eveyone,

I am new to Github. I’ve been following tutorials etc on how to set up pages. Now, i’m trying to move my codepen HTML and CSS over here. HTML is working, but CSS is not being applied.

I’m obviously doing something wrong. But I can’t figure it out.

Thank you in advance for any pointers.

The problem is that your index.html is referencing css/styles.css, but the directory in your repository is called Css/:

You need to either rename the directory or change the href path. If it works on your machine that probably means you’re using Windows, almost everywhere else paths are case-sensitive.

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I’ve opened a PR at adds capital "C" by Zachinquarantine · Pull Request #1 · Tremainegreen/TremaineGreenIT · GitHub that should fix it…


oooo Kudos thank you