transferring xcode to visual studios(windows)

Hello community,

at the day time I work on visual studios (windows ) coding in c++.

at night and weekends I use my max and code on Xcode.

sometimes I want to continue the programs I did at work at home or vice versa.

except I can’t seem to find a way to transfer Xcode files to visual studios (windows files ), or from visual studios to Xcode. till now I would go through each one of my header files and change them from .h to .hpp.

this usually takes me very long and is very annoying.

anyone know a way to solve this problem?

You could conside using VSC on both your Mac and Windows machine and use something like Git to sync the two computers.

From your question I believe this has something to do with how VSC determines which programming language you are programming in then this post might help: