Transfer Repositories

I have a number of public repositories against my current Github account.

I would like to move these repositories to a new Github account that I will be using in future replacing the current one. With this new Github account I will be looking to use Github pages for a basic website.

After a while, 6 months to a year maybe, the current Github account will no longer be needed.

At the moment the current Github account does not use Github pages.

Its not clear to me if public links to the current Github repositories can be redirected to a repository of the same name on the new Github account.

Can you assist ?

And a further question, I could just rename my current Github account and attempts to access the repositories would I believe get forwarded to the renamed account.

But is there then a way of preventing the old Github account name being re-used and preventing the re-directs ?

If you transfer repositories (using the feature in the settings of that repository), there will be a redirect to the new repository location.

If you just rename your account, and not transfer the repositories, I think that redirects also might be in place, I’m not exactly sure though.

GitHub is probably smart enough to do proper redirect, unless the new account would also create a repository with the exact name as before.

In general, if you really want your repos/pages on a new account, don’t even make a new account, make an organization instead. Those have page prefix URLs as well, and you don’t need a secondary account to log into or keep track of.

This especially makes sense as you don’t want the old/current username to be overtaken. So you get to keep that for your general actions.

Thanks for the reply, very informative.

I did try renaming the account to a new name and the re-directs work fine on that.

Setting up an organisation does sound like the way to go though, so I will rename the account back, and create an organisation with the ‘new name’ and see how it goes.

Thanks again.