Transfer issues between repositories as a non-admin member

I would like to express my appreciation for the new issue transfer feature ([1][2], [3]).

According to [3] a project member has to be an administrator of both repositories involved in the issue transfer.

This is a problem for the Apache Cordova project as discussed in [4].

I would like to request a smooth way for a non-admin member to use this kind of a feature on GitHub.

I completely understand that there is a GitHub issue mover bot ([5]) that could act as a workaround, would like to see the more seamless solution if possible.

In case this issue is on the wrong board I would appreciate some direction which board I should post this request on.

Thanks to GitHub in advance for your consideration.






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Hi @brodybits,

Thanks very much for taking the time to write this feedback!  I’ve logged your feature request in our internal feature request list. Though I can’t guarantee anything or share a timeline for this, I can tell you that it’s been shared with the appropriate teams for consideration.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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Now I have the same issue:
I am a committer of apache dubbo ,  so I have write  permissions of the two repositories: [1] and [2] ,
but not admin permissions , so I can’t transfer a issue between them . [1] [2]

I think the apache projects using github all have this issue. 

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Thanks for both the response and the efforts by the GitHub staff. So it seems like it is now possible for committers to transfer issues between repositories that they are committers on. But the “transfer this issue” dialog shows a pretty limited number of projects where the issue can be transferred to, and does not seem to give us any way to specify any other project to transfer the issue to.

For example: I would like to transfer to, however I have not been able to do this within the “transfer the issue” dialog.

I don’t know if I should report this limitation in this response, a new conversation, or somewhere else.

@brodybits wrote:


For example: I would like to transfer to, however I have not been able to do this within the “transfer the issue” dialog.

I was eventually able to do this, found a couple more minor things:

Incoming references that *did* show up in the old issue location do not seem to show up in the new issue location.

In this comment, the old issue reference in Markdown seems to no longer act as a link.

I would like to express my appreciation to the GitHub staff for the hard work in making such an awesome key technology!