Tranferring Code.Org projects to GitHub

There is a website called Code.Org, where you can create projects using code blocks. Is there a way I could transfer the actual code to GitHub as a repository?

Hi and welcome @Pysics !

I myself am not familiar with, but if it’s not too much files you’ll be able to just copy-paste the code into your local editor I guess. If that isn’t feasible: is there any way you can export the data from in a structured manner?

I am not able to export the code because it is in the form of blocks. The actual code cannot even be seen.

There’s no way to export code blocks like those on or Scratch in any meaningful way such that they could be uploaded to GitHub, sadly.

Ah, like that, I see. Well if there is no actual code, no, you’ll have a really hard time using that with GutHub.

If however, you liked coding on, then why not try out following a tutorial from a programming language (try Python!) and make some actual code? You can push that to GitHub!

Actually, I already code games in Python. The game I made on is an old one. I just wanted to know if I could transfer it to GitHub.