Track unused account for a private organisation

Hi everybody,

We have a private organization on, thus our accounts are business account.

To avoid to paye for “phantom” accounts I want to know how to track unsed account on my organization.

I look to the github API (v3) but I am a little lost on how to do this.

Anybody have an idea ?



Hi @philippart-s,

Thank you for being here! This sample code here that might help give you a general idea of which accounts are active within your org:

I hope this helps!



Thanks, we are trying to use it but wa are not ruby complient :).

If it’s solve our problem I go back ti flag the solution.

The script is perfect, thanks again it solve our problem.

Can you tell me why i cant open Emprowr site,where i work?It is sign:-Attention,Metamask/eth phishing detect.What i need to do?