Track dependents count for legacy package names

Hey there! A few months ago, we have renamed some of our npm packages. Since we are particularly interested in keeping track of the Dependents count for them, we have added the package.json files with the older names to our repos, so that we can still track them by changing from the new to the old name in the dropdown, as seen in the picture below, corresponding to this repo (with the legacy package.json here, corresponding to the old package name).

Now, this has not worked in another of our repositories (openzeppelin-sdk). This repo holds several packages, of which two are public and have been both renamed. The new names (@openzeppelin/cli and @openzeppelin/upgrades) are correctly tracked, but the legacy names (zos and zos-lib) are not, even though the package.json files for them are present in the repo using the same trick.

Any idea what we can do to start tracking dependents for zos and zos-lib in the openzeppelin-sdk repository? Thanks a lot!

Hi @spalladino,

Thank you for being here! I’ve now manually assigned those packages to the OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-sdk repo. Give it a few and you should be able to see it now.

It works like a charm! Thanks so much Andrea!!

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