Totally New To GitHub! How to Use it efficiently ?

Hi There,

I just came across the GitHub and it’s an amazing place for developers. I also want to learn and contribute in GitHub. Can anybody tell me where to start. 

Hi @amitkr0078,

Welcome to the Github Community Forum! And also to Github!

The absolutely first thing to do is complete the course: Introduction to Github, First Day on Github and First Week on Github, you can find those course on the github learning lab.

Then you probably want to contribute to a project but you don’t know how to do it and this is why exists the Github Explore.

If you want to help other people this is the community you ask for and for more informations you can read this post: Getting started with the GitHub Community Forum.

If you know Git, but not so much, you can read this awesome free book: git pro v2.

If you have more question ask and the community will give you an answer :slight_smile:


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