Topics with latest ui change

After the latest ui change, how do I update (or even display) topics for my projects? Specifically on mobile devices, safari on iOS in my case. It’s seems like it’s not displayed anymore.

Hi @postlund!

Topics appear in the “About” section of the sidebar on the right side of the repository front screen now.

You can update and add them by clicking the cog wheel symbol next to “About”:

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Hey @yamiacat!

That section is never rendered on a mobile device, no matter if the desktop site is requested or mobile pages disabled completely. I guess it has to do with the responsive design somehow? I managed to change (and view) topics from an iPad though, so I fixed it in the end. But I would prefer that it worked on my phone as well.

Hi @postlund - Ah, I see!

Sorry, I did a quick test on an iPad.

Yep, I’ll report this, as you can’t seem to access those settings on the mobile site from any browser!

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Perfect, thank you! :+1:

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