"Topics" page has changed?

Used to, when you go to a certain topic, you’d have the option of scrolling down and seeing more than 15 respositories matching the same topic. You could also sort by most recently updated/most popular/etc.

I don’t know what’s happened to the interface now…?


It was like this before and after I logged in. Have the buttons moved or what?


this is sick, It was so useful to sort and search from the topic section.

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what do you expect from microsoft 

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No kidding? And there doesn’t seem to be any announcement of interface changes or anyone else talking about it… very strange. Last time I was on the topic page waas a little over a week before starting this thread and I distinctly remember being able to use the “Topics” page to not only browse through, but narrow down code repositories matching certain criteria. It was a nice way to explore issues and see what everyone else is doing.

Unfortunately the topics page has change from very useful to nearly useless:

  • shows only 8 repos, which even include archived repos and long time inactive repos
  • no longer possible to browse all repos of a topic
  • no longer possible to filter by programing language
  • no sorting

Hope that this functionallity will come back soon…


THANK YOU! I was really hoping I wasn’t the only one. I absolutely HATE this change. I’ve found so many libraries that I’ve used in different projects now and then, and now we’re only supposed to look at ~10? Seriously? And they hardly update or change! It seems like it’s trying to “cater” to you, but why? We don’t need that functionality.

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So, using the manual search function will give you the same results that browsing by topic used to give you. 

So, you can have the full list of matching repositories but you need to enter it yourself in the search bar. I’m slightly disappointed by this change, but I can live with it. 


Hmm, sorry, but this is more a workaround than a solotion for me, because the search finds far more repos than there are in a specific topic.

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Well, looks like the interface is officially back now. Not sure what that was about, but glad to see things are back to normal!

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