topics do not work for me anymore

I cannot add or change topics. The “Add topic” button dissappeared entirely for me.

Tried current versions of firefox, chrome, chromium under Ubuntu 16.04.


Same for me - any private repos in my organisation can no longer see the topics button. I can still add them through the settings -> manage topics option for the org. Very odd!!

Same here :frowning:

Indeed, the button only dissappeared for me in private repos, public still works as before. However, even in private repos, in my case I cannot even use “settings -> manage”, I don’t have such an option.

Same here! Is this a generalized bug?

It looks like topics are back :-) 


Thanks for reaching out! I wanted to let you know that as a result of feedback such as yours, we have reverted this change, topics should be back on now. Apologies for any inconvenience this caused, and thank you for coming here with your feedback.

Is there still something goin on with this? In repos with some topics set it seems to work as expected but in a repo with no topics when I click “Manage topics” I seem to get the little github icon with a rotating “progress” ring endlessly.

@andreagriffiths11is this a known issue that’s being worked on?

I just tested on a totally different system with Chrome and it still doesn’t seem to get anywhere.


It just keeps going round and round and round, I’ve left it for up to 5min. It never does anything…

Any news on this? I still seem to be unable to “Manage Topics” on repos that don’t have any set (i.e.: they’d be new).

Thanks for reaching out @kingthorin. I’m unable to replicate the behavior you are describing on chrome version 76.0.3809.132 , could you please open a ticket on at so we can look into that further.


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Just incase anyone is looking at this in the future. I ended up getting Admin on the repo in question and was then able to set the topics. Unfortunatley prior to that I was also able to see the Topics control which probably isn’t right. I was told by someone in support that they’d have the UI team look into it.