Topic pages should show project descriptions

For example, visit any topic, like, and look at the wall of projects. The project descriptions for the projects are not visible. This makes it impossible to tell what a project is about in order to know if you’re interested to click into the project.

An person exploring topics would have to click into each and every project to determine if they’re interested in seeing a project.

At the moment the topic pages (and Explore pages) show only issues instead of a project description. People won’t care to look at issues if they don’t know what a project is about.

Basically it would be much more helpful to show project descriptions, and other info like dependent projects, languages used, contributors, etc, would also be more useful than issues. Issues are something someone wants to see when they care about a project, not when exploring for new projects.

Ah, I just found out. For some projects, the “Code” tab is showing instead of the “Issues” tab. When the “Code” tab shows, the project description is visible.

It is definitely not intuitive why some projects have Code tab visible while other projects have Issues tab visible. It’s totally not helpful for exploring.

When someone clicks the “Code” tab, it takes them to the project instead of showing the tab. This is unexpected; users will expect the tab to switch.

I hope that this can be improved so that project exploration can be a much nicer experience.

Here is a screenshot of the 3d category showing one project with the Code tab, and one with the Issues tab (seems totally random which tab is shown):

No thoughts of confirmation on this idea?