Topic Exploration: repo info instead of issue & topic aggregation

Hey there, the topic exploration pages are really cool. One annoyance, and one feature request:

Being completely unfamiliar with these repositories and eager to learn what they are about, it’s not at all helpful when some of the results show their issues tab with a random good first issue, rather than the introduction and some metadata like the others.

Approached from a different angle: How am I supposed to help this person resolve their issue, without even knowing what language the project is written in?

It would be great if they could all just show their code tab by default.

Selecting multiple topics at once, topic aggregation, is possible already through the global search and through the API. It would be nice to have this ability on the topic exploration pages too.

This is particularly useful for closely related repos that are scattered across multiple topics - sometimes variations of eachother. One example is neovim, nvim, neovim-plugin, nvimplugin, you get the picture :wink: