Too many workflows are referenced, limit is 20

I am running a complex workflow that requires combining different reusable workflows and I am hitting this limit too many workflows are referenced, limit is 20.

Is there any plan to increase this limit or workaround for it?

Some alternatives (that do not really work for me but might work for other people):

  • SUPPORTED: Composite actions: I am using them already as part of the reusable workflows
  • NOT SUPPORTED: A good alternative would be to call a reusable workflow within a reusable workflow, which is something that “by the doc” cannot be done.
  • HACK: Another potential solution is using a matrix strategy like the one outlined here; this does not work for me because I cannot chain workflow dependencies in the way I want. (A bit more background: let’s say I have to run workflow A with 7 variants and workflow B with 9 variants, and the dependencies between As and Bs are not 1-1, and I want to avoid waiting for all A jobs to finish before starting B workflows).