Token not working in command line

Sorry for my english I am not a speaker. I am a linux user (Antix linux 19.4) and git in version 2.20.1 and I have the same problem, I tried everything to solve it and I spent a whole day. I wasted a day with this silly bug but finally I managed to fix it.
My solution was to do the following:

> git clone
   UserName for '': you_token
   Password for '': (empty)

and this worked perfectly.
I hope it works for you.


@sCancelada thanks!

Very weird but entering my token in place of my username, then leaving ‘password’ empty totally worked for me.
→ using mac

Worked for me.
Using mac

I’ve found the solution, turns out that copy pasting the PAT puts out a - or something, so just type it out by hand and see if that works!