Token Expiration on URLs to Private Repos

I have a private repo.

On a web app I’m developing I want to pull in raw code from a particular file in that private repo.

When accessing that raw file via a browser on, Github appends a token to the URL. That file can then be accessed over https from any computer using that URL with the token.

Question: does the authentication token expire? And if so, when? This is not a token I created, it was automatically appended to the URL when I was browsing my private Github repo.


Hi @shaigluskin,

Thank you for being here! The token will expire in 7 days.

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Is there a way that I can get a permanent token for this use-case?

Generally speaking, I don’t think so, but why don’t you go ahead and send a ticket support request at with the info, so we can look into that further. I’m not sure how or if the team handles exceptions, but is worth an ask.

Even tried with a permanent token from , but that won’t even allow loading the url. Why the hell is that not supported? :frowning:

You can use a personal access token, which doesn’t expire unless unused for an entire year.

And then fetch the file with something like:

curl -H 'Authorization: token <personal_token>' <raw_url>

The <raw_url> should  have the autogenerated “?token=AAABBBCCC…” part of the url removed before making the request with your personal token.