Token authentication requirements confusing

I am a developer and have 3 software projects on GitHub for about 5 years years. I recently received an email that I need to change the GitHub authentication procedure from UserId/Password to Personal Access Token. I followed the link, which has a lot of information, I concentrated on the recommendations for developers and how to generate a Personal Access Token.
In the instructions it mentioned that you have to first authenticate your email address. I got to the right page, but under my primary (and only GitHub registered) email address I could not find a link to “Resend verification email” as shown in the Help page. I am assuming my email address has already been verified. Following the Help page to generate a Personal access token I did get a long string, which ends in a little box with a handle on it, which I presume is the access token. It says to copy it, because it will not be shown again. I clicked on the little box, but nothing happens. I did this several times. In desperation I copied and pasted the string into a text file, which does not seem very safe to me. No where on that page does it say what to actually do with the access token and how to authenticate future accesses to GitHub with it.
At the moment my UserId/Password are saved (somewhere - KDE wallet?) When I push a commit I am not asked for a password.
Please point me to some step by step instructions on how to achieve a similar workflow with the Personal Access Token.
Thank you in advance.

When Git prompts you for your password, enter your personal access token (PAT) instead.
As you have already saved your password in your local Credential Manager you will need locate and delete that entry first. The instructions for doing so may be different depending on you local OS

You might not want to actually delete the password, you’ll still need it for login. But yes, the token can be used just like the password for git operations.

You don’t need it for login and it can be deleted, and it if it has a value git will not prompt for a new value that I ma aware, it would also be possible to update the value directly in the Credential Manager.

Here is the link to the git documentation which includes the property for the credential manager you have configured

You do need it for login to the Github website. For the Git credentials storage (for push/pull authentication) that would be correct, but @JohnWulff mentioned KDE wallet, which might be used for other purposes. It’d certainly be good to be sure of what is saved where before changing it. :wink: