Toggle preview does not consider CSS file

Hello To all.
I’m a very fresher in the programming world, it’s been like only 2weeks I started doing it, with the help of a friend (But he has left now). So I’m all alone on it now. I’m using atom, and there is an issue that I am facing. I am doing my CV with it, and as for the design, I used this command:

<title>CV Gael</title>
<link rel=“stylesheet” href=“master1.css”>

and i filled up that master1.css file.
Now when I’m watching the results on my browser, everything is correct and taken into account.

But when I’m previewing it with Toggle Preview, The CSS file is not being taken into account.
Any help?

If you’re talking about the markdown-preview package, it is meant to give a quick preview, not give a browser-perfect rendering of a document. If you want to know exactly what things will look like, your browser is going to render things more accurately.

If you’re using some other Atom package to preview your HTML document, you may want to contact the maintainers of that package. They may be trying to render things more faithfully and may consider the behavior you’re seeing as a bug.