To clarify some doubts in 'webusb'


I would like to use ‘webusb’ in my new project, because of its features,

  1. securely providing access to USB devices from web pages
  2. cross-platform for USB devices
  3. notification to navigate directly to the web application address
    But I could find out that, in Android devices the 3rd main feature is not working. So I would like to clarify some questions,
  4. Is there any possibility to overcome this issue on Android devices?
  5. Is there any similar method like ‘webusb’ which fulfil all my requirements?

Please somebody give advice to above questions,


is this the one you are referring too?

you can always raise an issue for the project to confirm or solve that feature that is not working,

Thank you for your reply,

I refer,, as I used ‘Seeeduino XIAO’ board.


yup, it’s the same project they are referring to plus the other one, TinyUSB

the question is which is the one causing the error?

Hi @jdevstatic ,
Actually it is not the error, it is the limitation by the Android OS (that, notification regarding the landing page is coming on Android),
my questions are,

  1. is there any way to overcome this limitation on Android ?
  2. is there any second option for ‘webusb’?


I’m not very sure of that, I’m not familiar with both the projects, I just posted how you can address them,

at the README file of WebUSB they mentioned that,

I’m also not sure if that is related, so you can always ask them,