tlsv1 alert decrypt error when pushing to Github

 I have added and committed files on a repo locally but when I push to Github, I get this error:

fatal: unable to access '
programs.git/': error:1409441B:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:tlsv1
alert decrypt error

Can someone help me troubleshoot and find the root cause of this error? It’s been driving me nuts.

I am running git version 2.16.3 and MacOS High Sierra

My openSSL version is - OpenSSL 1.0.2l 25 May 2017 and curl 7.52.1 (x86_64-apple-darwin13.4.0)

When I check my .gitconfig file, I see this:

    email =
    name = anandg112
    editor = vim
    sslVersion = tlsv1.1
    sslVersion = tlsv1.2
    sslVersion = tlsv1.3

Did you mean to have three ts in your last config section? You should probably delete the [htttp] section heading :grinning:

Additionally, if you suspect you’re running into problems because of the removal of certain weak cryptographic protocols, you should probably reach out to the private support team at They’ve got all the latest up-to-date information on what changes work for whom.