TLS Certificate Request Error

Hi, I just switched my workflow to use Github Actions to deploy my website:, however when renaming the Github pages branch the settings > pages page shows that the TLS certificate is stuck showing an error.

It looks like the old certificate is still valid when using HTTPS, but I really would like to enforce HTTPS only traffic. Is there anything that I can do other than waiting?

Edit: Since my DNS was working right before changing my workflow and HTTPS was enforced, I am assuming that DNS is still configured correctly.

I used the pages health check tool today to see if I could get any more information on the TLS Certificate Error. Here is the output:


Currently, in my DNS (Google Domains) configuration I am forwarding the subdomain www traffic to the apex domain. See attached screenshot. The docs say that it is recommended to create a CNAME record for for the www subdomain, but not required – so I am assuming :cname_record?=>false, isn’t the source of the error.

Update for those in a similar situation. Adding a www CNAME record fixed the error following the advice from this post. My DNS custom resource records section now looks like this:

You can trigger the TLS certificate process by temporarily removing your custom domain and adding it again. A couple minutes later I was able to check the “Enforce HTTPS” check box again.