TLS certificate is being provisioned

I setup a subdomain (For example on namecheap by adding a CNAME.
All my A records are properly pointing to Github pages servers.
My website works fine.
But when I add a custom sub domain to github pages, the pages are hosted with the subdomain but unable to generate the TLS Certificate.
I shows “TLS certificate is being provisioned. This may take up to 15 minutes to complete.”


Hi @ppalone, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! Which subdomain are you having trouble with specifically? It looks like your domain has a certificate that covers both the apex and the www subdomain, but are you seeing this issue with a different one?


@thomasshaped Few days ago I setup a subdomain ( and added it to GitHub pages which got added very quickly and TLS Certificate was generated within minutes and “Enforce HTTP” options was also enabled.
Today I added a new subdomain ( but this time TLS Certificate didn’t generate quickly, I waited for around 6 hours but its still the same.

Its a low priority issue and also I can host the page like with HTTPS. But sounds badass :sweat_smile:

Looks like it’s fixed now! :boom: I pressed some buttons on the back-end to re-request that certificate and looks like it’s gone through. Usually this should resolve itself automatically over time/when you visit the repository settings page, but I pushed it through for you.

Your site should be secure now!

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@thomasshaped HTTPS Enforced! Thanks for help.