Title of a Github Action Workflow run

In the following screenshot the title of the Workflow run is: “Refactor and simplify rule_group_interval_…” and it shows the avatar of the author and the sha the last commit on the master branch. This is confusing in our usecase.

We’re trying to run some small benchmark which is specific to the PR. Is there a way to set of change this title to something else?

Interestingly, the first run shows the correct title with the title of the PR:

Screenshot_2020-01-29 prometheus prometheus(1).png

Subsequent runs show the different title as mentioned above.



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Currently, the title of github workflow runs is the commit message of the commit which used by the workflow run. And repository_dispatch event only triggers on the default branch (master) with the last commit . 

Github action doesn’t provide a way to change the workflow run title. 

For your second scenario, you could check the master commit history whether you have a commit with message “Update README.md”. 

+1 for being able to set the title of a workflow run. We have a e2e tests workflow which is started manually via workflow dispatch after another workflow (triggered by push on a PR) is successful. It would be great to be able to title the manually triggered workflow the same as the workflow which triggered it. Currently we have all the manually triggered workflows title e2e which isn’t great for filtering. Thanks