Tips for folks transitioning from the old platform forums?

The old platform forums were hosted on a different platform. I haven’t been able to find equivalents for the following 2 features offered by the old platform.

  1. The website provided a list of new topics in the groups I followed.
  2. The website provided a list of subscribed topics with new activity since my last visit.

I’ve only found “subscribe by email”. I hope I’m missing something, as I do not need more email! :slight_smile:


You should be able to subscribe to a board or a topic by clicking the “Options” menu and selecting “Subscribe” when viewing that board or topic. The forum should also automatically subscribe you to topics you participate in by default. When you’re subscribed, you should receive notifications for new topics and posts under the notification view that you can reach by clicking the bell icon in the upper right corner.

I hope that helps!


Thanks! I was able to poke around those settings and get the email in better shape.

I think the “flood” might have been due to _everything_ being considered “new” upon joining.