TinyG card controlling four step motors attached to a puppet

Here’s a simple question from someone who know precious little about this subject.

I have attached a Tinyg controller card onto 4 step motors I recycled from a cheap 3d printer recently and attached each motor to the arms and legs of a Pinnochio puppet. I use Gcode to make its arms and legs go up and down, eg. G0 X1 Y0 Z1 A0

G0 X0 Y1 Z0 A1 Which I copy and paste many times.

Following me so far?

The problem I have is what used to work no longer does. More specifically the four motors dont work the same way; one of them (the A motor is rotory) behavies completely diffferent to the other 3.

What I need (I guess) is a couple of lines of gcode that will make the 4th motor behave like motors 1,2 & 3.

I already have countless movements already written and stored in Excel, but I can’t get the cards initialisation right.

Can anyone help?