Timeouts when fetching commits using changed_files, additions and/or deletions


I’ve been exploring the graph v4 api to fetch commits of different repos.
In some cases, a timeout will be thrown with a message “Something, somewhere, has gone horribly, horribly wrong.” when executing a somewhat simple querries.

It only happens when commits in the page have many changes, like 50k or somewhat similarly. I believe the count, which is stated to be an int, is made on the server side after calling the query, thus resulting in a timeout in cases where the query is very simple.

Following is an example query that creates an timeout:

  repository(owner:"eclipse", name: "rdf4j") {
    defaultBranchRef {
        target {
            ... on Commit {
                history(first: 4, after: "a12d70d4e391413f5037e65824f4748a72504a28 94") {
                    pageInfo {
                    nodes {