Timeouts connecting to my github pages site

My project was working fine yesterday. I went to look at my website today and I am getting a took to long to respond error: ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. Any idea what could cause this? I got my domain name through namecheap.

Hi @lucianojd,

Can you share a link to your site so we can take a look? If the repository is public, that would be helpful to have as well.

It may be that you’ll need to connect with private support for help with this, but getting those links here is a good place to start to see if the community can help.


I am having this problem also. I started noticing the problem last Monday (Sept 24, 2018). And consistently in the mornings (Eastern Standard Time US approximately 8am - 12pm), none of my static webpages hosted from my repositories using the /docs folder are working. I consistently get the ERR\_CONNECTION\_TIMED\_OUT error message. This is true regardless of the browser choice *Chrome, IE, Edge, etc). This is a problem since I use Github Pages to host my websites for the courses I teach. Here are my websites that have errors in the mornings:

By the time I post the problem to Github support and they check it - the sites are often back “up.” I do not have any problems connecting to the underlying Github repositories. My “connection” to the repositories is fine. But the “website” is just offline for 2-3 hours each day which is a problem for my students.

If this is not corrected soon, I’ll need to find an alternative to Github Pages for my “websites.”

Thank you for your time and support!

I don’t believe it’s a problem on GitHubs end. A few days after the problem started I was able to view my site. While the problem was going on my family was still able to view the site. My family was in a different location than I was. It seems to have something to do with where you are connecting from.

Thank you. I did hear back from Github support - it looks like based on my packet traffic that my problem is on my end with my ISP. I’m checking into any recent local issues. But this morning, my sites seem to be working. Hopefully, your websites are working better also.

I have also moved some of my sites from Github Pages to Netlify and my Netlify sites are working fine.

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