Timeout https://github.com/xypron?tab=repositories

Since several days https://github.com/xypron?tab=repositories cannot be loaded due to a timeout.

Only a Unicorn is displayed with text: “This page is taking too long to load.”

Try to refresh the page, the first time didn’t run, but in the second one, I can see it.

I hope I helped you.

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Currently not even https://github.com/xypron displays. Again I see only a Unicorn.

Running a speed test for my internet connection shows 205 Mbits/s download and 10 Mbits/s upload. So the problem must be on the Github side (github-ic-350972-ffm-b1.c.telia.net (

The only other idea I have is to clear browser cache.
If this didn’t work try to surf to the website with another device (eg. phone (WiFi and 4G)) to understand if a PC problem or not.

I can easily see the website (950 Mbps download and 190 Mbps upload).


Clearing the cache or using another computer makes no difference.

Also using Chrome instead of Firefox makes not difference.