Timeout downloading from one particular repository

Hi, I have been having an issue with downloading a binary one one particular Github repository. I don’t know why, but I don’t have any issues with downloading a binary from any other repository, but just this one.

The repository is called WebCatalog and I try to download their latest release from their website. Since I have a Mac computer, I am downloading a .dmg file. But almost every single time I try to download the latest release (which is a bit of a frequent action because this is how a WebCatalog user pulls updates), I get a timeout in the middle of the download. The download will chug away until it hits a particular MB amount, then it just freezes. No output or error message, it just freezes. I’ve tried clicking on the link in their website, I’ve tried downloading it from their Github Releases page, I’ve even tried CURL on the CLI. Still, the same exact thing happens every time.

I do want to note that it is a relatively large file being downloaded (e.g. the latest release as of today, 9.2.1, is a 194 MB file to be downloaded). Also, I’ve noticed that the download will sometimes work when I connect my laptop to ethernet, but almost always fails when connected over WiFi. I don’t quite get why this would matter though; I have > 100 mbps connection at my house with both connection methods.

I want to know if anyone else has had issues with downloading binaries from a Github repository, especially if it was from this particular repository. Is there anything I can do to debug or troubleshoot this problem further? Is this a known issue? Do I need to contact Github directly to inquire more about this?

Thank you for the help. I’m pretty stumped otherwise!

You’ll probably want to contact GitHub support if the problem persists, especially if you download it from their website and not some 3rd party program.