Time Duration of Verification for Student Verification Pack?

Hey, I’m currently a High School Junior and have applied for the GitHub Student Developer Pack. However, after 10 days of waiting for verification, I have received no email or status update as to what the status of my request is…

What is the typical waiting time for such a request for my scenario (my school does not have a .edu mail, and I’ve used my personal mail id)

If needed, I can submit additional proof, for perhaps a faster verification.

HI @sumukshashidhar,

Thank you for being here and for your interest in the student developer pack, the current verification system does take a few weeks. I apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience.

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The verification happened to me instantly, probably because my university’s email domain is easily recognized.

Hope yours will go through too, real fast. 


I have applied for Github student pack almost one month ago.Still no Response and no mail.

Status showing :  Pending

Any Solution?

I applied for the Github student developer pack on Jul 20, 2020, its been 29 days and I haven’t got any response yet. It’s still in pending status.
Could you help me on this