Three improvements to Discussions

Our project recently swtiched from email support to GitHub discussions. We are noticing three behaviors that could be improved…

  • Email replies to a Q&A category type Discussion post DO NOT become replies to the question they are replying to. They become new answers to the original question. You can see that behavior here. Any of the real replies that appear there are the result of using GitHub via web browser, not via email replies.
  • Posting to an Announcements-type category requires admin/maint repo roles. For extra caution, we don’t have anyone in our project keep admin/maint role. This is to avoid accidental mistakes causing any real harm in the repo. We all do have write role though and that is perfectly sufficient for 99% of our Git/GitHub activity. Nonetheless, now to post Announcements, we all need admin/maint role. I believe this resitriction should be lifted to anyone with write access.
  • Description text appears nowhere. Creating a discussion category offers the chance to write a short description. However, that text appears nowhere except in the interface to adding or editing a category. We’d like our users to see that text somewhere but it is not presented anywhere in the Discussion tab pages that we can find.

Another improvement would be to provide URL links which have the effect of opening a new discussion topic in a specific category. Currently, the category selection does not appear in the URL. Related to this, if a given category is selected at left, then hitting the new discussion button should prime that selected category in the pull-down rather than defaulting to unspecified. In fact, maybe the new discussion button should force user to pull down to a category before loading the page to edit a new topic.