This is not a true Dark Mode

The background colour is #0D1117 not #000000. This is a rather dark blue and seems very bright on my laptop screen.

Also, only using #000000 as background colour will really help saving power on OLED displays and matches “the original dark mode” (the A> MS-DOS prompt on an amber CRT).

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Many (most?) users - including myself - actually prefer gray over black in any dark mode. And most dark modes also follow that idea: the background is dark gray, not pitch black. But the best solution would be to offer multiple different themes for different needs. Ie. have one pitch black version for people who prefer that. And this also seems to be the route GitHub is taking - multiple different themes for different preferences.

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The grey is bright enough to irritate some users like me though :wink:

(I think you, unlike me, probably don’t spend the vast majority of your working time in a terminal with lightgrey or amber on black bitmap fonts and only occasionally switch to the webbrowser. The difference is always jarring for me.)

If you make a separate mode with full black background, may I suggest a name? “Total blackout” is what the LiquidSmooth AOSP ROM calls theirs, and I think it’s fitting.

hmmmm welp nothing is wrong with dark mode for me