Third party code notice Doc

Hi everyone!
I came across yet another question while creating a project.

Do I need to include a third-party code used in my repo if those 3rd-party libraries are as common as opencv-python and filterpy?

Are there some best practices to note the use of such?


In general: If you have to depends on the licenses of those libraries. One key question here is: Do you include the 3rd-party libraries in your project, or are they dependencies a user will have to install themselves?

In the former case you will probably need to, most Open Source licenses include an attribution clause, and some have additional requirements. If you don’t actually include the code you probably don’t need to (because it’s up to the user to handle), but it’s good practice to list dependencies in your documentation, preferably in such a way that it’s easy figure out how to install them.

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Thanks a lot! Your explanation was of so much help.
I guess we will include the list of dependencies from now on.

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