There should an option to switch themes when logged out

Is there an option to change the site theme when I am logged out?
The site loads only dark theme for me when I am logged out and it strains my eyes. I cleared the cookies and site data and the usual stuff but [I think] the site observes that I use a dark browser theme and picks up the dark theme for me; which is fine - if I can turn it off. But I can’t seem to change it without logging in.


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Please refer to this post and then let me know if you are still having trouble.

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Please refer to this post and then let me know if you are still having trouble.

Obviously it does not help.
My browser is set to dark theme! (same as OP) But I don’t want dark theme on github either when I am logged in or logged out.

Hi @djunzu - thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! I’m on the product team working on new GitHub themes. Right now unfortunately there is no way to change your logged out GitHub theme settings independent of your OS setting. I’ll share this feedback with the rest of the team though! We have explored more accessible ways of quickly toggling between light and dark modes in the UI and the logged out scenario is additional evidence for this.

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I’ve searched the net, github support ( and, am I missing something?

Question: how do I turn off dark mode (theme, whatever) for the case when I’m not signed in. When I sign in, github shows whatever mode I set in my settings. When I’m not signed in it shows dark mode and I would like it to show light mode (or whatever the other one is called). Is there a way to set this? A cookie or something? Maybe a browser plugin (Firefox, Chrome)?


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wooww… It’s really baffled me how product owners does not think about user experience… Forcing dark mode without giving an option to change to ligth mode… think about it…

I would also like to have an option to turn off dark-mode when not logged in. I frequently clear my browser cache and cookies and don’t want to login to be able to turn dark-mode off.

If it’s a toggle to choose the theme quickly, that would be highly appreciated for those who prefer light themes.

Seconding the complaints here. I only opened this community account now to add to this because the dark mode option renders some pages with transparent images in them completely unreadable. There should be an option when logged out

Creating an account here just to +1 this issue.
Please Github give us the option to switch modes when not logged in.

Hi I’m newbie around here guys! How are you? So excited…

+1 on this topic too. I often use github on my laptop that I don’t often bother signing into as it forces me to then go ahead and check my email to get a 6 digit code (another REALLY bad UX aspect of github but thats a topic for another day). To be forced to use dark mode is just really bad UX. How hard can it be for a multi-BILLION $ company/site like Github to implement a toggle switch!?