There cannot be one single theme for all colorblindness types

Thanks for working on accessibility options.

I just want to point out that I set the dark colorblind theme and the result is that it’s quite a bit worse than the default dark theme.

The core issue here is that there are multiple types of colorblindness and the theme doesn’t provide any information on what type it addresses.

If I can add a small suggestion, please consider including all the important icons on the themes page so that the user can instantly tell if changing theme will make things better or worse.


First of all, thank you Github. Second of all, this. I came here to write this exact same post, please take it into consideration.

Agreed – I am red/green colorbind, yet the blue/purple is still extremely difficult to distinguish. I also honestly cannot tell what color the murky green/red is; it’s less confusing just to use the non-colorblind theme.