Theme missing from one of the Single Sign On redirect pages

When I go to one of my companies owned github repo’s we are required to use SSO to sign into “Microsoft Open Source” AAD as well. I noticed that in one of the redirect pages was missing the dark theme.

The url was

Please note that I really appreciate the feature. This is amazing! I’m only reporting to make GitHub even better. Thank you! Feel free to reach out directly for a screen recording or any other data I can help with.


Hi @dannyvv - thanks for taking the time to reach out and share your feedback! We really appreciate it and are glad that you are otherwise enjoying dark mode so far. Internally we also frequently encounter this screen and related flash from dark to light and back to dark. The screen state does not currently have access to your profile settings so we weren’t able to circumvent the authentication requirement in time to fix for beta. We do plan on looking into it further though!

Thanks @gaknoll, Great to hear it is on your radar. Keep up the good work!

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@gaknoll: Please relay my thanks to the team that works on theming. :tada: I’ve noticed this week that the redirect page now follows the theme!!!
Greatly appreciated!