the usual problem with images in

I followed the guide to insert images into the file but nothing seems to work

I have also read several messages similar to mine but I still can not display the images

the README with the broken images : my broken README

so let me try if I can see an image at least here

well here I can see it

bad this don’t resolve anithing

Hey @esogeomedismo,

Thanks for being here! Would you mind sharing a link to your repo so we can take a look?



The only problem in your readme is the space between the title and the link of the image. [title] (link) is different from title because markdown can understand link only with this formatting.

I have open a pull request in your repository that solve your problem.



hi ola and thanks like like

the repo is in progress and maybe you already gave me an answer

so I reply and try some update

there: the repo


now I can view the images but I missed my first merge

where are the emoij?