The "showing X changed files with X additions and X deletions" is completely off

but…that’s ONE changed file…???

(link: Compare Revisions · TheTechRobo/python-text-calculator Wiki · GitHub)

Could you provide a link? The URL in the screenshot is truncated.

Edit: I see you added it. If you click the 24 files link you’ll see all the changes associated with the commits (between the two you are comparing).

The files changed makes no sense. It was one commit; does GitHub group them or something??

When you compare revisions of a single wiki page you aren’t necessarily comparing sequential commits if other wiki pages were edited at basically the same time.

Ah, that’s it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

How do I mark as solution? There doesn’t seem to be a button - on another forum there is. :confused:

There should be a button to the left of the like :heart: button.

There’s a short vid here that illustrates: Great answer? Accept it as a solution!