The results should sort by most relevant "to me" before a Github site-wide relevance sort

The results aren’t very useful when it gives me all Github site-wide results before everything that’s relevant to me. Everything that is most relevant to me should be shown before all the random things that exist in Github (i.e. repo’s I’m a member of/committed to, repo’s I follow, members I follow, PR’s I created/assigned to, etc). If I want a Github site-wide search, I’ll use the top left search box; the quick command palette shouldn’t do the same thing as that.


Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us @skplunkerin! They didn’t quite make it into our first beta release, but we are exploring ways to either make the results more relevant to you (based on your interactions) by default, or balance the more relevant issues with other items you haven’t interacted with in the results.

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+1 For sorting by relevance, especially for my own repos (like it’s done on the sidebar repo selection).

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