The primer theme is not currently supported on GitHub Pages

The latest build for my GitHub pages is failing with the error message “The primer theme is not currently supported on GitHub Pages.”

This is not a new repository. It has a published GitHub pages website. The last commit that failed the build did not make any changes related to GitHub pages.

I have already tried re-running the build and also committing a new change, but the build failure error message is still the same.

Thanks for your help!


You’re not alone. Looks like the cayman theme is having the same issue.


Indeed you’re not alone, same issue with the hacker theme since yesterday. I opened a support ticket and they’re looking into it. I mentioned it was also affecting other themes.

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@sayanee First of all, that is such a cool project! I’m sorry you’re having trouble building your site today. Would you do me a favor and try building again?

Thanks, @parkr! I just re-ran the last commit build and it has passed. I guess it was an intermittent issue for a few hours.

See similar reports here for the minimal and hacker themes. Still not working for me.

I think there is a general problem with the themes. I made a change to the assets/css/style.scss file on a site with the Cayman theme, and it’s throwing the following error at me even though it complies with the instructions on how to update that file:

Your SCSS file assets/css/style.scss has an error on line 1: File to import not found or unreadable: . Load paths: _sass /tmp/jekyll-remote-theme-20210724-6-1i1pm44/_sass.

If I remove the file, it works. But if I add it again to make a custom change to the theme, it’s broken. It breaks on the import statement, whether I use "" or "{{ site.theme }}".