The new Assignee field design is considerably less effective

The Assignee field is much less efficient than it used to be before the recent redesign. Listing all the project members here would make the selection a lot quicker and it wouldn’t involve typing either.

In addition, the suggestions never match what we expect. It’s unclear what they’re based on, so we can’t control them either to, alternatively, make these work better for us.

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Indeed this interface (and similar ones dealing with selecting other GH users) could benefit from some improvements.

For example, having a Favorites collaborators list, which could be showed on the side, allowing drag-&-dropping users to Assignees list. There are so many similar user IDs that a small typo could result in inviting/assigning the wrong person, by mistake.

GitHub and its services are growing by the day, not to mention the community size; so I’m quite surprised that users accounts don’t include some sort of Contacts and Favorites, just like with email services.