The more I read the more confusing it gets

I have gone through the various areas in GitHub and getting more confused about how to use it!! How do I know what category I should select a star * for? I have read what GitHub does but still not sure what to select etc. Need layman’s explanation and instructions to clarify various sections of GitHub

Curious what you mean by this. Are you referring to the action of starring a repository that you come across?

You are under no obligation whatsoever to “star” anything.

And certainly, you should not star any project unless you’ve used it long enough to thoroughly evaluate it.

If you can’t see the point, just ignore it.

I think most people used that feature as a bookmark list, before they realised that GitHub was Facebook for open-source.

I thought that bookmarks were indicated by the clone button. :crazy_face:

Actually you have a point; if I see that some project has lots of stars, I just assume there’s a lot of interest in it, not that it’s “good”.

And to address the question what category I should select a star * for, stars are their own thing; categories are something separate.

I star things I think are interesting, either because I think they have value to the open source world or because I think I might use it right away or in the future. I fork things that I think might disappear for some reason, like a good library that is associated with a personal dev’s account as opposed to an organization. As a Go dev, it’s a bit freaky relying on public repos that might disappear any time in my code, so forking it if I’m running it in production helps with that if I have any doubt it’ll be around forever.