The links to other websites isn't working! 'master' and 'gh-pages' branch!!


Recently I’ve been starting a new repo of my resume and my demo shops. I had just added the resume in, and then I published the website with gh-pages.

Then I found out I couldn’t commit, and then I opened Git Log because there was a button saying go to git log. After that, I commited by the terminal. That didn’t go so well…

For some reason because I had gh-pages as my branch, it didn’t commit probably, or so I think it is. I had to pull first, and then push when I commited by the terminal. So I pulled it, then pushed it, (well before I changed it to the master branch first) and then the commit worked, except when I tried seeing the changes, which is clicking on some links, it led me to the old website. The new repo (and website) is

An hour later, I tried again, and then it still led to the old website. How do I fix this? Some help would be very appreciated!

Thank you,

  • Zoe K.

In case anyone has the same problem, I contacted GitHub Support and they helped me to re-name it back to Thanks GitHub!

The problem is fixed now!

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